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Why do we need friends ?

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Miss Aye Aye Sann

Friendship Bracelet
Your friendship means a lot to me.
It's a priceless gift and yet its free.
It's knowing that you are always there
To lend a hand or show you care.
It's knowing that around you,
I don't have to pretend,
And that I have someone on whom I can depend. 
I could not find a friend more true,
So this friendship bracelet I send to you!

Friendship Bracelet

A greetings card to send to all your friends !

F is for friends forever! 
R is for really great memories.
I is for interesting personalities.
E is for exciting times to look forward to.
N is for never letting each other stay down.
D is for dependable.
S is for sharing our lives.

A greeting card to send to all your friends !

Let Santa In Your Chimney !

Let Santa In Your Chimney !

River Songs......You can see many ecards and send to your friends.It's FREE !

Free Online Greeting Cards for your friends & loved ones. ALL cards are absolutely FREE !!!

A Rose for you !
Rose for you, my friend so dear,
Because you're loved, whether far or near.
You are in my thoughts both day and night,
You're friendship is a real delight!
Just listen the music Hello !!



Hi..! just listen the song.Born Again for LOVE ( Burmese Song)
Click Play Button I hope that you have a great time! It's FREE !

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Welcome Winter Sunset

Aye Aye Sann
Old Student of SHS(1)Yankin 1962-78