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Dear Old Friends of 1962-78 SHS(1)Yankin,

Very Warm Greetings from the Working Committee of SHS1 Yankin 1962-1978 Old Students for 9th Anniversary of Paying Homage Ceremony.Thank you for your support and your cooporation which has enabled us to carry on the task we were expected to do for Old Teachers.

At considerable expense,arrangements have been made to provide adequate seating,a sound system,and many other services that make attending the ceremony enjoyable.Your voluntary contributions help to cover these expenses and also support the Old Teachers.

All contributions are very much appreciated,and the working committee of SHS(1)Yankin 1962-78 ,9th Anniversary:Paying Homage Ceremony wishes to thank you in advance for your generous support of the Paying Homage Ceremony interests.

Looking forward to seeing you again !





Smiles are free & easy to give !!

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Welcome Winter Sunset

Aye Aye Sann
Old Student of SHS(1)Yankin 1962-78